Friday, 31 March 2017

This week Phoenix's school hosted a celebration of learning.

 Mrs G arranged for us to arrive early so Phoenix could have the chance to really focus on showing us her daily routine and some of her learning activities. She showed us 2 videos that she narrated (by reading sentences along with the videos) about some of her work with microscopes and with counting to 100.

The visit was mostly lead by Phoenix (who uses her visual schedule to cue her to the order of activities) who gleefully dragged us to the gymnasium to show us how she completes the mission impossible obstacle course (almost totally independently except the balance portions of the course).

Mrs G and Mrs T spoke a lot about how far Phoenix has come, and how they have been able to pull back the 1:1 support as Phoenix's tolerance for school work (vs body breaks) has increased significantly.
Phoenix is completing modified work, with accommodations like preferential/predetermined seating, the visual schedule and extra body/movement breaks. She is reading at a level D comfortably which is right in the middle of what her classmates can do.

I could not be happier. 

Phoenix greeted every teacher we passed by their last name (dropping the Mr/Ms etc), is interacting and initiating play with students and it is obvious that she is an important member of her school community. I'm BURSTING with happiness.

And, my little girl with SO many fine motor challenges is finally able to print her name without hand over hand. It's a HUGE achievement for her, as well as a testament to the staff team who are working with her on an ongoing basis. 

I'm just so proud of this girl.