Tuesday, 12 November 2013

29 week update

So I am 29 weeks pregnant and have about 7 weeks left to go before these babies are evicted. I just had another good news ultrasound with both babies weighing over 3 lbs each. At this point in the pregnancy the ultrasound tech is looking for the babies to be making practise breathing motions, which both were. They have lots of active movement, good tone and overall they look great. Baby A is footling breech, which confirmed for me that what feels like a baby kicking me in my cervix, is in fact a baby kicking me in my cervix. Baby B is head down, and like they frequently are, have their heads meeting in the middle.

I am the same size that I was when Phoenix was born, yet have 7 weeks left to go. Life is getting harder to manage. I wake up to use the bathroom every 2 hours or so, I can't breath due to pregnancy sinitus, and my hips hurt if I lie on the same side for two long.

And unfortunately, Phoenix is getting the crap end of the stick, because I am too tired to play with her or to find fun activities for her to do. Thank goodness for 2.5 hours of programming every week day morning in her pre-school. And thank goodness for the magic iPad which entertains her for hours without fail. I know this isn't fair to her and I am certainly not winning any mother of the year awards, so my project next week is to start looking for a developmental aid to come and work with her a few times a week. I think this will be especially helpful after the babies come so that she gets some special attention and fun things to do while we attend to newborns.

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  1. Hi! Just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing?

    ~Marsha Mumma