Monday, 23 February 2015

This and that

It the end of February and it's getting busy for us. We are at the start of a small season of birthdays for the community of  DS families that we are close with.

We went to the first of the parties this weekend and I brought Phoenix's aide to help me out. Phoenix is great, but the thought of taking all three kids to a party is still overwhelming to me.

All in all we had a very good time. The sisters got a little too handsy with the dog who squealed his displeasure. They also single handedly destroyed the pin the body parts on Olaf. But they are 14 months old and this is totally expected for their age. Our host didn't even notice because her youngest child is just 2 and these days are not very far behind her.

Phoenix behaved beautifully. She played with toys she has previously not been interested in - ie dolls and barbies. Here she is trying to play the guitar:


She asked for help putting her party hat on and sat with all the kids while they ate cake and she ate ice cream.

Phoenix also sat patiently and watched the gifts being opened without jumping in and wanting to tear off the wrapping paper herself. It was a great party, and I was so proud, yet again, to acompany this lovely young girl out in public.

A few more pics: Phoenix wearing her sisters clothes (her choice). I swear this kid is going to be a swim suit model one day.

What happens when Dad gets time with the kids:
Oh, and see that lamp on it's side on the top of the shelf? It's waiting for the sisters to end their reign of terror.

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