Monday, 20 April 2015

Playing Together

Now that the twins are getting older, it's becoming possible for them to start playing with Phoenix.

Right now Phoenix invites them into her room to play doll house and to join in the fun of emptying her shelves of toys and her drawers of clothes. It's lovely that she wants her sisters in her room, but the results are extremely messy and involve a lot of picking up on my part. 

Phoenix is also quite possessive of "her" things. We are trying to limit the amount of toys which are actually hers and emphasize that they are mine but that I share them with her and the sisters. 

This ball drop toy was a huge hit with Phoenix when she was smaller. The twins are finally old enough to start teaching them how to use toys in a more effective way, so the ball drop is a great toy to start with. 

Now that spring is upon us I've also been on the hunt for cheap, used backyard toys that the kids can all use together. I found this beauty in a local second hand shop. 

I've also found a toy playhouse that I picked up this weekend. This too I purchased from another family for less than half the original price. I like to give my kids nice things to play with, I would just prefer not to have to pay retail prices to do this and in truth, I love getting a bargain. Here is Phoenix playing with the house. She calls it the "doll house".


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