Friday, 29 May 2015


Reading is an ongoing goal in this household.

Children with DS are very strong visual learners and are therefor often very successful in learning how to read. I have been working with Phoenix for the last few years on developing reading skills. We started with flash cards, ipad apps and making our own word cards on foam shapes.

Phoenix has been very resistant to putting words together to form sentences, or to identifying words that she already knows in books. I keep on trying, but she has been telling me that she isn't ready so I had to respect that.

Recently, Phoenix has started reading the title of books that she is familiar with and she requests certain books by name.

I have also started making "books" of sight words on foam rectangles that I have stapled together. Those were very successful and Phoenix asks to read them over and over.

Here is one of the books she likes right now. It's a Dr Seuss book called "The Foot Book"

She reads some words, and I read some words. Please remember, this is a child who is not yet in Kindergarten. This progress is wonderful and I couldn't be happier that at 5 she already has a love and appreciation of reading.

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