Monday, 7 December 2015

Phoenix reading and small update

Phoenix's kindergarten year is going well. The class has started their home reading program which is doing wonders for her confidence in reading. She can read full sentences now and no longer requires me to put my finger under each word as she moves along the sentence. I feel like this is a big step. She's also using visual cues by looking at the pictures to help understand what she is about to read. These are awesome gains; I'm thrilled.

Parent teacher interviews went well with me spending a lot of the meeting providing suggestions for the teacher to try in order to work through some challenges that Phoenix is experiencing. Things like staged social situations and prepping Phoenix (and a small group of kids) for Phoenix to ask to join them to play. Also using high interest objects (like Elsa or Anna) to teach patterning concepts. I'm hoping these are implemented.

I also had a small win in terms of Phoenix's coding which wasn't changed like it should have been. After a few calls to Alberta Education I was presented with an IPP with the new code at the P/T conference. That felt wonderful. It was a nice acknowledgement that even though I am a parent putting up a fight, that I actually know what I'm talking about. Winning.

We had a big family party this past weekend (which I may or may not get to writing about). It was a loud and busy event with a lot of excitement and stimulation. I was very pleased to see her retreating upstairs for some quiet time when the noise and excitement was too much for her. A smart cookie this one is. She also knew to take some toys that she received up away from her sisters so as to have a chance to play with them by herself. Phoenix was incredibly well behaved and had a great time seeing her relatives.  She is such a joy.

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