Saturday, 9 January 2016

Kitchen Reno!

Here are the before pictures of my kitchen Reno. We have 6 people sharing a small kitchen and an office that can be relocated  and which can be made much, much smaller. 

The kitchen with the husband 

The office and front entrance way 

And the wall connecting the two
See those 3 bins? Recycling. That needs to go too (or at least be hidden in a drawer). 

The idea is to push the kitchen into the office and then give the front entrance more space and twice as much closet space. 

We've been in the house for almost 5 years and it still does not work for us. We need more storage space. We need shelves and cupboards. We need places to put All. Of. Our. Stuff. So one of the other things I am planning is to do built
In shelves next to the fire place. Open shelves on top and some cupboard drawers below which of course can be child locked. 

Here's some of the ideas I have for our new kitchen. I love the white cupboards and the marble countertops. I like the backsplash and I would make the island grey, not the black it is in this photo. 

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