Monday, 23 May 2016

Some home reading

We do home reading with Phoenix about 4-5 nights a week. We almost always read books before bed,  but I can't always convince Phoenix to read aloud to me. We get books sent home from school as part of their home reading program. Sometimes we get to them, sometimes, depending on what else is happening that night, we don't. I also have a few sets of levelled books that I bought at Costco. The set we read has books from level A to C. The books we get from school are level B, up from level A which she started at. For anyone not familiar with levelled reading, this is a great reading level for a child in kindergarten to have, let alone a child with a developmental delay.

Tonight I got Phoenix on video reading a level A book. This is one she likes a lot and requests to have me read to her. Night time isn't the best time to be challenging Phoenix with her reading. She's tired, she's had a long day and she has been working hard all day. So I frequently have to read the page first and have Phoenix read it next. You can hear her try to get out of reading, but she eventually comes around.

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