Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My favorite new Phoenixisms

Phoenix is trucking along in her development recently. Our trips to the gymboree play gym have been so successful that she recently learned how to climb out of her crib, necessitating a quick transformation of her crib into a day bed. Luckily, she adjusted to the change quite easily and she remains in her bed all night until I go get her in the morning.

It's so funny when you start to hear your own linguistic idiosyncrasies popping out of your child's mouth. For a long time, Phoenix repeated a single word back to us in response to a question or comment. "Phoenix, do you want to watch Singing Time?" And she would reply "Time." This is a totally normal developmental stage in terms of speech that all kids move through. Then Phoenix started using "OK!" a few months ago in response to questions we pose to her. Her new response is "Sure!" when we make a request now.

"Phoenix, can we put on your shoes?" "Sure!"

"Phoenix it is time to get dressed." "Sure!"

Not surprisingly, "Sure" and "OK" are words I use frequently in my day to day life. Even my students make fun of me for my over use of OK.

The other new Phoenixism that I am loving is her unique attempt at "Thank You". Whenever we say thank you to her, the response we get is "Q!" as in "than - kyou". Tee hee. It's so adorable, I don't even try to correct her. Not ever.

We've also been trying to get her to put two words together more consistently. I do a lot of cuing with her to help with this such as "Bye" pause "Mom". She repeats each word separately, but we are working on getting the pause in between the two words shorter and shorter. It's gotten cold here in the last month, so all on her own she has been putting together "Cold, Brrr" while making the sign for cold. It's very sweet and I can't help but repeat it after her it is so cute.

Here are some new photos from the last week.

 We decorated the tree this week. Phoenix keeps on taking the ornaments on and off so I bought her some soft toy ornaments that she can place on the tree and take them back off as many times as she wants.

Here's Phoenix about 3 minutes before she started to eat the play dough. She'll eat play dough but not vegetables. Sigh.

And here she is enjoying pea butter (like peanut butter but made with peas) with pretzels. Then just eating the pea butter from a spoon. Then off of my fingers. What can I say, I am a sucker for getting her to eat anyway she'll do it.

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