Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Snow Day

I haven't felt the calling to write much lately. Work and life have been very busy as has my wonderful little toddler. I took a snow day with Phoenix last week and took some pics while out shovelling and playing with little Miss Phoe. Here are a few of them.

 Here Phoenix is about to sign and say "cooooold". Even totally bundled up she always lets us know the temperature.

Here we have walked to the mailbox. One of Phoenix's chores is to walk to the mailbox with me and check for mail. I lift her up to look in the box and if there is mail she reaches in and pulls it out for me.

I lived with young parents for a while in B.C. when I took a break from teaching. I was always so impressed with their parenting skills with their son and really learned from their example. They always included their son in all the tasks of the house, but modified for his level. Their ability to include him lead him to feel competent and self assured and really cut down on behaviour problems.

I try to parent Phoenix in a similar way. I find tasks that she can do and always reinforce that she is 'helping' mom. It's nice to feel that you can help others, and not always be the one asking for help.

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