Thursday, 17 January 2013

January Update

I know it's been a while since I've written and updated, but life happens, and I get busy, and there is a busy, lovely, and demanding almost-3 year old who takes up much of my free time.

We are getting ready for Phoenix's next transition in life - beginning preschool! Her assessment for funding is happening this week. We meet with the SLP and PT to do some kind of assessment and to show off her rocking skills.

Her speech is really plugging along. She is getting better with putting two word sentences together such as "help please" or "more please". What is exciting about this is what these improvements imply. I have read that children need to have a vocabulary of over 200 words to start putting together two word sentences. I know Phoenix's vocabulary is good, but I am thrilled that it is this good.

She is also getting better about enunciating two syllable words. She still consistently says the second/last syllable of longer words instead of pronouncing the the entire word, but from time to time she says a two syllable word very clearly.

We have been doing a lot of counting recently. We consistently count the stairs every time we walk up and down. Phoenix can now consistently count independently from 1-10 with very few errors - she frequently misses 9, but we are working on it. Sometimes I sign along with her counting as a visual cue, but not always.

Phoenix is also getting better with her pretend play. She likes to go to her kitchen set and pretend to wash her hands and drink from the cups. She likes to go to her bed and pretend to go to sleep. She also likes to throw her books down the stairs and dump out her blocks.

She's doing great, but she is still a 2 year old.

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