Friday, 25 January 2013

Potty training

We've been introducing the idea of potty training for some time now. Phoenix has been watching the Potty Time dvd since she turned two and we bought a potty insert shortly thereafter. She can say potty, she can sign potty, and in general she feel really positive about the whole potty experience. We started a routine where as we got ready for bath time every night Phoenix sat on the potty. The only mistake about this is that now Phoenix believes that potty times happens butt naked. Oops. We'll chalk that one up to first time parenting missteps.

She's gone through phases where she liked to sit on the potty for a while, where she wanted to get on and then off and now where she sits on the potty until she pees or poops. It's been a progression. A process. A learning curve. I finally feel that we might be at a place where we could make a commitment to really attempt potty training. Her day home provider let me know that she has been expressing interest while there and has peed on the potty a number of times in the past week.

So last night we bought our first box of pull ups. I feel like these will be a good transition for Phoenix where she can practise (with help) pulling her pants up and down while we take her to the potty each hour. We are going to keep it really positive (we clap and cheer when she successfully uses the potty) and see if she will eventually start initiating (requesting) trips to the bathroom on he own. Obviously we are going to be initiating first but the idea is for her to become more aware of what is happening with her body.

I had originally planned to initiate potty training this summer, but since Phoenix has been using the potty successfully before bath time, I can't see the harm in trying now while she is showing interest. Strike while the iron is hot and all that.

By the way, Sunday is the day we are going to start. We have nothing to do that day so we have the time to commit to this enterprise. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hooray! Good luck! And that thing about kids going only when naked is a common thing to happen, but eventually they figure it out. Sammi used to take her pants off all the way when I would put her on the potty because usually I was changing a pull-up or taking a diaper off at the same time but those associations are a thing of the past, thankfully. :-)

  2. Which potty time dvd do you use? Ashlyn has just started getting on the potty on her own before bathtime so I'd like to start getting her more used to the idea.

    1. It's in the Signing Time series. I bought it second hand for $12, but I think you can order it online for $20.

    2. And that fabulous that AJ is showing interest!

  3. I don't know why I'm anonymous. :-)