Sunday, 21 April 2013

More Gross Motor play

We recently went to play gym after about an 8 week absence. We had bad weather and illness and travel and more illness before we were finally able to make it back for a visit. Which is a good thing because we pay by the month whether we use it or not. What I love about play gym is that Phoenix is now so comfortable there that that she confidently attempts the new structures. I try to arrive a little early to let her try out the apparatuses before the other kids arrive. Here she is on an incline mat. She did all the steps by herself without any assistance. Go Phoenix!

 Dancing with the hula hoop.  

Climbing the bridge

And this is parachute time. She knows now to move to the side of the mat, pick up the chute and start shaking.

That's it for now. Happy Sunday!

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