Thursday, 25 April 2013

Preschool Open House

Yesterday we met Phoenix's preschool team. The school had an open house for the parents and kids who are planning to attend in the fall. I actually went to the open house last year, not knowing that Phoenix's birthday fell 9 days after  the cut off for registration. So I was able to ask many of my questions before hand and just listen to get to know the team. The teacher will have 2-3 aides in the classroom with a maximum of 15 children enrolled, making the ratio 3:1 students to staff. That's pretty good I think. Also the SLP. OT and PT work in the classroom 1.5 days a week. They do individual and small group instruction (all play based), and they teach the aides how to work with the kids in their absence. Awesome. There are also family days where the team meets the parents to show us how to work with our kids at home. Equally awesome. I'm psyched.

We brought Phoenix with us to the open house and she spent the time with one of the aides playing. They hit it off and Phoenix made herself at home in the classroom right away. This is great, because it tells me that she should have an easy time adapting to her new school. Her flexibility and sociability is a huge bonus for her in life. It allows her to navigate new situations with confidence and ease.

Now all we need to do is work on toilet training (insert grumpy face). Phoenix continues to sporadically tell us when she wants to go potty, but it is not consistent, and diapers are still the constant. The idea is to give it a good effort once my summer vacation starts, and I am able to spend all day with her trying.


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