Thursday, 9 May 2013

One of those days

I am having a day. One of those days. A day where the grumpiness I went to bed with followed me into the morning. It's a day.

But then I heard my little love muffin stirring. And I went into her room, and pulled the blinds open to reveal the sunlight of the day, and lay down next to her to get a snuggle. "Sleep" she tells me. So I close my eyes and pretend to sleep. "Wake up!" she tells me. So we sit up and get ready to start the day.

I was at the park many months ago and met a woman who is also a special needs momma. She was pushing her son in a swing next to me. He was about 2 years older than Phoenix and had a heartbreaking smile. And I noticed that his mom was signing with him too. He had a developmental delay, the cause of which the mom was still healing about.

There was a kinship there. An "I get it. I see you. I know what you are going through." The process of coming to terms with a child that is different than you had hoped for. And a celebration too, of our children's remarkable accomplishments.

I later found out that she is a talented photographer, and she recently offered to photograph Phoenix. Her FB page is here.   Our photo shoot was Sunday evening, and I am slowly getting the edited pics. And, looking at these stunning pictures of my daughter, my beautiful, beautiful child, is bringing me out of my funk.

Because how could I not find lightness and joy in this child?

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  1. Beautiful. Seriously funk reducing photos, I tell you!