Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Staying motivated

I'm having a hard time staying motivated to create new flashcards for Phoenix to learn. She learned her last batch and I have been recycling old ones for a few days while I get off my butt to make some more. I've had the materials ready for over a week, but haven't gotten up the gusto to do them.

Finally today I made them. The last batch I just chose words from the 100 most common sight words. And while she learned them just fine, she wasn't as interested in them as when I chose words that she was saying frequently. So I changed tactics this time. For this batch of 20 I went back to words she is saying a lot: carrot, eat, drink, apple, shoes, play, toys etc. I also decided to include some of the two word phrases we have been working on, such as: my turn, love you, night night, your turn. I'm kind of excited to see how she reacts to them. When I put two foamies next to each other she won't read them out as a sentence. I wonder if putting the two words on the same foamy will help?

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