Saturday, 27 July 2013

Countdown to the wedding

So we are coming up to the final 2 weeks before our wedding and there is still much to be done.

I haven't bought the favours yet, the basement is still in a shambles while Mike organizes, purges and repacks our storage areas. We still need to buy wine and make sure there are enough wine glasses in the house. We haven't heard back from some of the invitees, so I have no idea about the final head count, only that it will be under 40.

My waistline is expanding and I am starving all the time. I had hoped that the babies would eat my excess fat, so this wouldn't be a problem, but no such luck. And I can't not eat because when I get hungry I get nauseous, and grumpy and panicky. That's never good. So I eat a whole lot of fruit, many small cheese sandwiches, yogurt, eggs. Pretty much anything other than meat which makes me want to hurl most of the time. Vegetables aren't that appetizing either, much to Mike's displeasure. His not so helpful suggestion towards most of my complaints is to tell me I am eating too much sugar, not enough nutritious vegetables and no protein. Massive sigh and eye roll. I can't control what looks appetizing and what makes me want to vomit. Sorry love, the twins are in control right now, me not so much.

And my allergies are out. of. control. Today that when I went to lie down for a nap I ended up having a massive coughing and wheezing fit so bad that I wondered if I would have to go to urgent care. As I was running out the door to drive to the pharmacy to see if there was something I could take, Mike helpfully suggests that if I went to the gym and worked out I might feel better. I could be dieing of an asthma attack, and he wants me to go to the gym. I didn't have the breath or energy to set him straight so I ran out to the pharmacy without arguing. The allergy meds have helped, as did a few puffs on the old inhaler I had, and I finally got my breathing under control.

2 weeks left. Oh my goodness. I hope we get everything done.

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  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful wedding day! I hope that whatever goes wrong is something you can laugh and smile over later (remember- something always goes wrong). Enjoy every second!