Friday, 16 August 2013

You've come a long way baby

I was asked a while ago about one thing I would change if I could. I thought about it for a minute and replied I would really like it if my daughters hair would grow back and the alopecia would go away. That's a pretty reasonable thing to ask for right? It wasn't until about 10 days later that it struck me that in that instant of contemplating change, my mind didn't jump to Down syndrome. And in fact it took me a good long while before I had even realized it. You've come a long way baby.

Maybe it's because life has been beyond hectic lately. I've made it into the second trimester and the twins still look great! They are measuring identically at this point, which is excellent news, because if one gets significantly bigger, and the other smaller, we all start to worry.

We had house guests, and family and executed our wedding last weekend. I'm a Mrs.! I was most impressed that I fit into the dress I bought months before I got pregnant and didn't have to deal with nausea on my wedding day as it had miraculously ended 2 weeks earlier.

It's been a wonderful time in my life to share our love, and the blessing of our daughter, with our friends and family. Love, love, love. And two more loves on the way.


  1. I am so, so very happy for you, Mrs.! Congratulations on all the wonderful blessings you have going on in your life! Wishing you much continued happiness! xoxo

  2. Dear Mommy Dearest -
    I apologize for hijacking your wonderful blog with this question, but I found your post on bbc regarding the Harmony test/vanishing twin. Did you ever end up having it/receiving your results? Did the perinatologist agree that baby C would have no affect on the amnio results nor Harmony? I received a positive test result back on the Maternit21 but am wondering if that could be due to losing a twin several weeks ago. Nobody can seem to confirm yay/nay on that, so I'm trying to find any personal experiences, although I understand the Harmony test is diff than the M21. Anyways - thank you for any insight you have! And what a wonderful blog!!

    1. Jen, we are still waiting on our results. The test was only sent out on Tuesday and I was told it usually takes about 14 days to analyze. I think it is possible that your vanishing twin contaminated the results, especially since you are so early. I hope you get answers soon. And thank you! It is very cathartic to write sometimes.