Thursday, 29 August 2013

Happy Dance

My Harmony test came back today negative for all 3 trisomies. I am doing a happy dance. Please join me if you want!


  1. Happy Dance! I didn't realize they could do the NIPT with a multiple pregnancy!

  2. Thank you Liz! I think it is pretty new. The Harmony is the only one offered in Canada, and I think they chose it because it was recently released for use with twins. I have seen a few other twin moms get the MaterniT21 on BBC. But it is still pretty new I think. Regardless, I am very, very thankful not to have to get an amnio

  3. I am dancing with you! :-) ~MarshaMumma

  4. happy dancing with you, getting emotional. so excited for you and your family.

    on another note, your wedding picture is terrifically moving and cool. and phoenix looks just like you!

    best regards