Sunday, 5 January 2014

"I want to say: that's great!"

Wren and Ash continue to grow and develop. Ash had a set back last week with blood in her poop that the doctors suspect is allergic colitis. Basically Ash is allergic to something I am eating and the most likely culprit is dairy. I've been dairy free for 5 days now and my milk is slowly being reintroduced to her diet, with no ill effects so far. She's also been having Brady's (heart rate drops, followed by an apnea). It's common in preemie babies.

The problem is that after 5 days Brady free they are ready to be released. It is only a problem because as of tomorrow Wren would be 5 days Brady free and Ash is still having them. So Wren could potentially be released with Ash still in the nicu. That would be logistical nightmare for our family.

So when I called for an update tonight I was positively giddy to hear that Wren had a Brady after I left earlier today. That's right! 5 more days with her sister! So it's not great that they are still having Brady's, but is it wonderful that they get to stay together for another 5 days.

That part is good news and I'll take that wherever and whenever I can get it.

The breast feeding is not going so well. In truth, it tanked as soon as the bottle was introduced. Knowing it was going to happen. It's really shitty actually. And when one of them refuses to latch and just cries at the breast it puts me back a step because I feel reluctant to try again. It's a terrible cycle. One I hope ends when I bring them home and feel more comfortable just trying in the security of my own house.  I'm trying to stay positive about this but as they get older and still make no progress it it harder to hold out hope that we are going to have a good breast feeding relationship. I hope I am wrong. 

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