Monday, 18 August 2014

Human Rights Challenge.

I received the application for my Alberta Human Rights complaint in the mail last week and I filled it out today. Four pages of writing to tell our story, convince an investigator that the Alberta government is violating my fathers (and everyone else in his situation) human rights; with the hope that in the end, the piece of legislation which governs long term care  and access to wait lists is either struck down or modified. 

It's daunting. But exciting. I feel we have a real chance of being heard. My fathers rights are clearly being contravened. It is discrimination based upon his place of origin (Ontario) and based upon mental and physical disability. My mother, as an able bodied person of sound mind, is free to move to Alberta and access all the services she needs after 3 months, including access to health care. My father on the other hand, cannot access the services he needs to sustain his life until he has been a resident for a year. If he was less disabled and required less care, the one year residency wouldn't apply.   
This clearly discriminates on the basis of mental and physical disability. 

I've written this all out, including the impossible situation it has put my mother in. To remain isolated in Toronto or to move to Alberta and abandon my father in his long term care facility there while she gets the emotional support she needs here. 

Alberta's solution is to offer private care at the cost of $7500 a month. It is two tiered health care at it's worst. Where average income or poor Canadians must abandon loved ones in other provinces while the rich can move their loved ones close to home. What's worse, is that this policy allows the rich to cue jump, even within Alberta, because these "private" spots are found in public facilities. Which means that average Albertans who are able to apply to the wait list wait even longer for a spot in long term care. 

I'm just waiting for my formal rejection for being added to the waitlist from Alberta Health Services. Then the application goes in and we see what happens. 

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