Saturday, 9 August 2014

Taking action

The unfairness of the situation with my father has weighed on me for some time. In a way, it has brought me back to the time after Phoenix's diagnosis, where no matter how hard I cried, railed, yelled, begged or bargained, I couldn't change the fact that Phoenix had Down syndrome. I was helpless. I couldn't change it.

Trying to get things to change in a massive system like the Alberta government makes me feel just as helpless. I went to the media, who surprisingly, featured our story on the evening news. Still nothing changed. I called Health Canada to see if long term care is covered by federal legislation: it isn't. I've written to the Minister of Health to see how I petition to have the legislation changed: no answer yet. I've called the AHS continuing care resolution team: as far as I know, my complaint has gone to where complaints against the government go to die.  And yet when questioned by the media  AHS is "working with the family" to bring my father to Alberta. I call bull shit on that whopper of a lie.

Then I called the Alberta Human Rights Commision. The investigator I spoke with said that our situation sounds complicated, but to make an application. What we need is a defining action and day of this action that the Alberta Government violated my fathers human rights. This Monday I will be formally requesting that my fathers name be added to the wait list for long term care. Presumably the answer will be no, as everyone I have spoken to at AHS has told me it isn't possible until his residency has been completed.  I'm hoping to get the rejection in writing, so I have proof of the date of the discrimination.  Regardless , the conversation  will be documented on my end and submitted with my complaint. I made sure to ask the investigator if complaints are ever launched against the government (thinking that most are against private companies etc). It turns out that you can make a complaint against the government. A preliminary investigation will be launched, and if the Commision finds that our case has merit, it will proceed from there.

The best part is that the investigation will continue even in the event of an election or if the government changes hands., which is entirely possible  given  the bad behaviour of our recently departed premier.

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