Wednesday, 26 November 2014

This and That

I haven't updated in a while, partly because of being extremely busy, but partly because at the end of the night when all the kids are in bed, the last thing I want to do is to sit in front of a computer and write.


Phoenix has been wonderful lately. School is going well. We have set up funding for another 6 months for a private OT and a private aide. We get our amazing, fabulous, talented aide for 9 hours a week and an hour of OT a week. We are seeing progress in Phoenix's independence skills of pulling her pants up and down, being more engaged in the potty routine, trying to brush her teeth herself and doing a better job of eating with a fork and spoon.

Phoenix is still a delight and I really treasure our time together. She has started with some pretend play, making up animals that she sees and telling me what colour they are and what their name is (usually Amma or Gramma, funnily enough)


Our twin zygosity testing came back 2 days ago and we found out that we are monozygotic (identical twins)! Mind. Blown.

Seriously. We were raised our whole life as fraternal twins, who just happen to have a strong family resemblance. Being a twin is pretty special. Being an identical twin even more so. It makes me rethink our relationship and our upbringing. It also makes me rethink how remarkable it is that given a very similar set of inborn strengths and weaknesses, that we have pursued such different paths in life. I am a teacher to high risk and behavioural youth and my sister as a professional photographer. How fascinating.

Ash and Wren:

Are so adorable right now! They are into everything, they are more stable on their feet and getting closer than ever to walking. They are great eaters and love feeding themselves. I give them real people food and they tackle it themselves. Lots of it ends up on the floor, but they chew and swallow much of it too. It's been a nice change to have kids who aren't super picky (yet!) and who look at food without the suspicion we have come to accept from Phoenix.

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