Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Phoenix update

I feel like I have this ongoing love affair with Phoenix. There is something about her that makes me notice, over and over, what a sweet child she is.

One of the things I like best about Phoenix is her sociability. We recently had the twins first birthday and had a lot of friends and family over. It was busy, loud, and hectic and Phoenix behaved beautifully. She made the rounds from Aunty, to Grandma, to Grandpa, to Uncle and back to Aunty. She visited, she ate, she played and she opened Christmas gifts. It was an awesome night for her. She got some of the most thoughtful gifts: all things Minnie Mouse and some lovely clothes to grow into. We even were given matching dresses for all the girls to wear. There is room for them all to grow into the dresses, so I can wait until the twins are full time walkers and hopefully do a photo session with them all.

I love how you can see her sandle gap (space between big toe and 2nd toe). It is  a marker for DS, one of many that she has.

I know I look through rose tinted glasses at my own child, but I frequently wonder how I managed to get such a great kid. She's pretty easy to manage, her behaviour is excellent and even when she is asserting herself with her sisters she is polite. I frequently hear her high pitched, panicked voice exclaiming "My Ipad please!" to her sisters. She dislikes getting her nails clipped, but when I do she thanks me afterwards. And at night when I lie down to cuddle her to sleep, she holds her bear and gives me her bunny to cuddle. She shares her beloved cuddle toys.

I know not every kid is like this, although we all love our children for who they are. But I am so thankful that this particular kid is mine.

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