Monday, 16 March 2015

One of those days

It's one of those days that I reflect, again, on how lucky I am to have my 3 beautiful daughters.

I belong to an online group of moms who were/are pregnant with mo/di twins. 3 mommas in the last week have lost a baby in utero at around 30 weeks gestation. I can't imagine how crushing that must be, to be expecting 2 little identical babies, and then to lose one so suddenly. And to know that if the babies had just been born, that they would probably both be alive right now because the one that was in distress could have been helped by the amazing nicu staff that cares for preemies. Here are my girls at 34 weeks. It's hard to imagine how tiny these babies are compared to their size right now.

I'm loving the ease of the Sisters development. I appreciate watching them start to understand instructions and develop little mannerisms "tap your bellies!". They are starting to learn little routines like putting their clothes in the bin before bath time. They know that if they fall and hurt themselves that they make their way to Mom or Dad to be picked up. They know that the sound of the door opening in the hallway means that Grandma is coming up and that they can start emptying the kitchen cabinets and bringing their treasures to her to exclaim over.

 There are so many little things I appreciate about Ash and Wren. Their attempts at new words - lately "nana" for banana and "acker" for craker. They also say "Mama" "Dada" "Bunny" and "Mine!". At night, after we have dinner and bath time and an episode of Baby Signing Time, the girls start asking for their "Baba" (bottle). I ask them if they want to go to bed, and they make a beeline for the gate, excited to go to their cribs to have their bedtime bottles. Wren climbs backwards down the stairs and Ash asks to be picked up. We make our way to their bedroom, make sure Bunny is in bed with them, turn on the whooshing noise on their noise machine, and wave "night, night".

I love my time with Phoenix too. Phoenix still loves her one on one time with Mom during the Sisters nap time. We snuggle on the couch, and yesterday Phoenix pulled out her doctors kit and looked in my eyes and ears. She took the needle and gave me my shots. Then she declared I was perfect. Just like she is. Just like they all are.

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