Saturday, 7 March 2015

Phoenix at 5! Happy Birthday Miss P <3

We celebrated Phoenix's 5th birthday today! I invited 4 other families who we know who have kids with DS all around the same age as Miss P. 

I love our Down syndrome families because besides being rad people, they are a community of folks who "get it". 

With all the sibs there too there were 11 kids, 5 of whom had DS. Strangely enough, of the 11 kids, only one of them is a boy. All of our families are filled with girls.

 I love statistical anomalies. 

Because my aide is an identical twin, I am an identical twin and P's sisters are identical twins too, there are lots of times where the ID twins in the room out number the singletons. Pretty neat when only .3% of all births are ID twins. 

But almost half of P's party consisted of kids with DS. That's pretty awesome.

We met at a McDonalds with a play land which meant I didn't have to plan any games, and I didn't have to clean up afterwards :)

And all the kids liked their happy meals and got to run around and have fun before cake time. It was a huge success.  

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