Monday, 19 October 2015

Phoenix reading

I recorded this video last night. It's a simple book that her preschool team sent home last year that I was too lazy neglectful busy to read.  The truth is it got lost in the mounds of paperwork that schools like to send home. That's a whole other post. 

This is her second reading of it. The first attempt was pretty great too. 

This kid blows me away Every. Single. Day. 

One of the worst things we can do to children like Phoenix is to underestimate their abilities. I could have given birth to this child and thought "Well, she's going to be too s/disabled/delayed/slow/limited to accomplish anything, so, why bother.

I didn't. After my initial period of sadness I thought "She'll show them".

And she will. She, and many other children like her, are being raised by parents who believe that their children can achieve. They can learn. They can accomplish. They can be included. They can contribute.

She's five, has Down syndrome and is reading.  

This kid is going places.

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