Thursday, 29 October 2015

Some new pictures

This was last night with out after dinner walk. We met a neighbour who was walking her dog. Our neighbour made a point of taking the dog home quickly so she could grab a muzzle and allow the kids to safely interact with her cranky dog. The kids were incredibly gentle with Cleo and Cleo was great with them too and allowed them to handle her and Phoenix to walk her for a while.

This is Phoenix admiring a bare tree.  
On the public picnic table. 

Dancing. Because, why not?

Ash having fun

Out on an adventure with Jen

Phoenix taking chances on our climber

Phoenix practising her driving skills

I got to have some one on one time with Wren recently. It was so relaxed to have just one small person to care for

This was the girls first look at the pumpkins I bought for carving

Phoenix helped Grandma make soup

This was their (Ash and Wren's) first time to a local park
Phoenix immediately made a line for the swings and waited patiently for her turn. She's a total pro at the park and is so good at staying close and listening to our instructions
We met a park kid who decided he wanted to push the girls. He was a good little companion for a while



This was another walk a few weeks ago. We are all really enjoying the mild fall weather

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