Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On eating

I write a lot about Phoenix's areas of strength. Part of the reason for this is that I always want to show Phoenix in the best light possible - I'm always truthful, but I choose carefully what I want to talk about. And Phoenix does have many strengths, I am proud and fortunate to be able to say. However one of her long struggles is with eating.

In fact her dislike of eating is so profound that it made me seriously consider if she had been switched at birth.

I come from a family of foodies. We love really, really good food. Some families buy cars, some buy electronics or computers, my family went out to eat at some of the best restaurants in Toronto. My father was a gourmet cook and exposed us to some incredible food and cooking. Whenever I go back to visit I have my dad make me his famous cheese fondue and veal marsala. This is the kind of family I come from.

So to have a child that hates to eat is surprising to say the least. Her food aversions started early. She stopped nursing at around 5 months old and I could not convince her to continue. When we started solids she was super picky about what she would and wouldn't eat and was slow to progress through the stages of eating. Even now trying to convince her to try new foods is challenging to say the least. And often it isn't even a texture or taste thing because we can't even convince her to try the food. She simply doesn't like the look of it.

So for the past year an a half we have been supplementing with pediasure safe in the knowledge that even if she would only agree to eat popcorn and yogurt all day that she was getting the nutrition she needs.

However, after meeting with the OT and dietitian "we" have decided to ween her off of the pediasure to see if we can increase her appetite.

I'm finding it really hard.

I feel like pediasure is the crutch I've been using for the past year and a half and I don't know how to walk without it. I'm not confident. I feel like I might fall and take Phoenix and her nutritional needs with me. Ak. I know she needs to be eating more, but it is so stressful to try and get her to eat fruits and veggies in any quantity.

This is a normal parent concern right?

Everyone worries about their kids getting enough nutrients?

Tell me it's going to be ok without pediasure? Please?

We are 3 days into this experiment, and her quantity of food seems to be picking up. She even tried Greek salad for me last night. She didn't eat a lot of it, but she tried it:)  Who knows? Maybe this crazy plan will work.


  1. Greek salad? I cannot even get RK, who loves to eat, to try Greek salad. That is a HUGE score.

    I wouldn't worry. She won't die from this experiment. Give it a month and see what happens. Do not stress during that month. Even if all she eats is popcorn and yogurt. She won't die of malnutrition in a month.

    Your worries are completely normal. It's not just a DS thing. None of my kids were good eaters under the age of 4. Except... Kelly. LOL!!

  2. Oh I am SO there with you, Johanna! Eating is Ty's #1 struggle too. We have set foods that he eats and thats it. And like Phoenix, wont even touch something new...just because!! Im floored that she tried salad...I think your experiment is going to be successful...hang in there!

  3. This is a normal parent concern right? HECK YA!

    Everyone worries about their kids getting enough nutrients? MMMM HMMM

    Tell me it's going to be ok without pediasure? Please? IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY!


    Don't even get me started about Sophie and eating!!! ;)

    Stay strong sista!