Thursday, 4 October 2012

On having a normal life...

Last night, from upstairs in the playroom:


"Yes Phoenix?"


"Phoenix, come downstairs, I am making dinner"

"No! Mom?"

"Phoenix, come downstairs if you want something, I am making dinner."

"No!... Mom? ... Help, help" (for the iPad)

"Honey, if you want help you have to come here."


And on it went until I went to go get her for dinner.

Life with Down syndrome is a lot like .... life. It is a lot of negotiating with a 2 year old, and redirecting unwanted behaviour, and lots and lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses. It is full of love and laughter and cheeky little girls flirting with defiance. It is full of learning, and Signing Times and drawing on the driveway with chalk. It is full of singing children's songs and trips to the playgym and ice cream at Costco. Life is just full. Not because of Down syndrome. But because we have jobs, and friends and hobbies and a child. Pretty normal, right?


  1. Yes! Very normal. And so good.

  2. felt like i was reading the script to my life last night! ;)