Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Humble Brag

Yesterday I wrote about how annoying it is to have your name called 250 times during the day. After reading it you may have been asking yourself  "Did she just use her kid to...? Was that.... the humble brag?"

For those who haven't heard about the humble brag, it is bragging about something by way of complaining. When I was in 6th grade, one of my classmates was the queen of the humble brag: "Oh, poor me, I was picked as the lead in the church play AGAIN this year. It's going to be so much work!"

It drove me nuts. Even at age 11 I knew what she was doing. She was totally bragging, but just couldn't come out and do it honestly. And, in case you were wondering, her parents were the ministers of her church. And yes, after all this time, I still feel the need to bring this point up.

So I realise that yesterdays post might have come across as "the humble brag".

I try not to brag about Phoenix (too much). But it's normal to brag about your kid right?

You get really excited when they learn a new skill or come out with a new word.

Well, except for the night a few weeks ago when Phoenix, who repeats back the last word of any given phrase, was called a "pain in the ass" by her father. You can imagine which word she repeated back. I was actually not so thrilled that night.

I seriously have nightmares about the language that will pop out of her mouth when she goes to preschool next year. Can you imagine if it is YOUR kid that drops the first swear word in the middle of class and you happen to be a spec ed teacher yourself? I'm sure she'd be REALLY impressive then. But, I digress.

Ok, I totally brag about my kid. As I expect any other parent to brag about theirs, DS or not.

And it shouldn't be too surprising after I titled my blog "Celebrating Phoenix".

OK, humble brag over. For today.


  1. I've never heard of that humble brag thing. But I find myself sometimes caught in it. And I didn't mean to be. Sometimes with my kids, but more often with myself. Me and my broken filter.

    That said, you should brag on Phoenix!! She's awesome. And beautiful. Seriously amazingly beautiful. I love seeing her photos!

    1. Why thank you! I've been slowly adding the professional photos we had taken this summer, trying to stretch them out until the next time I get to see the talented photographer.